How do traditional auto parts companies transform and upgrade?

On November 2, the Transformation and Upgrading Promotion Conference of Traditional Auto Parts Enterprises was held in the Integration and Innovation Center of Liangjiang New Area Collaborative Innovation Zone, where a number of vehicle and parts enterprises from Liangjiang New Area, Yubei District, Jiangbei District and Beibei District exchanged and shared around the transformation and upgrading of parts enterprises, and discussed the development direction of the coordinated upgrading of the city's automotive industry. "At present, the automotive industry is ushering in unprecedented changes, and intelligent networked new energy vehicles have become the core industry direction and industry outlet." Wang Chunshui, member of the party group and deputy director of the Municipal Economic Information Commission, said that Chongqing is an important automobile production base in the country, and has made remarkable achievements in the transformation and development of intelligent networked new energy, which not only requires the efforts of vehicle enterprises, but also inseparable from the active cooperation of parts and components enterprises, and hopes that all enterprises will fully recognize the current situation of the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry and actively respond to opportunities and challenges. In this regard, Wang Chunshui suggested that auto parts companies should closely follow the development trend of the automobile industry, identify the development direction and goals, continue to enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation capabilities, constantly innovate technologies and products, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and enhance core competitiveness. Vehicle enterprises should give full play to their leading role, further open up the supporting market, give priority to cultivating and supporting local parts enterprises, improve synchronous development capabilities, deepen collaboration in R&D, technolo