What are the functions of the automatic transmission gear What gear to hang when waiting for a red light

Although the automatic car has only four gears, each gear is used differently in different situations

What are the functions of the automatic gear:


The letter "P" on the gear indicates the English word "Parking", which means "parking, parking". Function: Parking gear, or parking gear. This gear, also called "parking gear", is the gear we hang when parking. The word P stands for: Park.


The letter "R" on the gear stands for the English word "Reverse", which Chinese means "reverse, opposite and reverse". In other words, R gear represents reverse gear. First you need to stop the car, usually by pressing the safety button on the lever to move the lever to "R" gear.

It should be noted that when the vehicle has not completely stopped, it is not possible to forcibly turn to "R" gear, otherwise the transmission will be seriously damaged by teeth and other damage.


The letter "N" on the gear indicates the English word "Neutral", which Chinese means "neutral, neutral and neutral". Role: Neutral. The N-position refers to the neutral gear and can be used when starting or when trailing and temporarily stopping (such as at a red light).

N gear is usually used when parking for a short time, but hanging this gear will cause the transmission to disconnect from the engine's power system, and it is easy to have problems when someone uses it when coasting. So try not to use neutral gear while taxiing.


The letter "D" on the gear is probably familiar to everyone, indicating the English word "Drive", which Chinese means "forward, drive". Function: Forward gear. Place the gear lever on the "D" gear, and the driver can control the speed of the car as long as the accelerator pedal is controlled.

People often use D gear to go to the world, which is also its convenience, but it is best not to do this, it is still necessary to change when changing gears. For example, you should use S gear when overtaking.

What gear to hang when the automatic transmission waits for a red light:

For the problem of waiting for the traffic light, I asked the old driver: no matter what the situation, the automatic transmission is prohibited to hang the P gear in the case of the traffic light! Absolutely forbidden!

The best way is to stop steady, engage N gear, and tighten the handbrake!

Of course, urban driving, the situation is complex and changeable, according to different situations, the following methods can be adopted:

Engage D gear + apply the brake: about 10 seconds

Automatic transmission models generally have four gears, followed by P, R, N, D, D gear, D gear is forward gear, infrequent gear shifting, if the red light time is very short, about 10 seconds, then there is no need to switch gears, hang D gear to press the brakes on it.

N gear + handbrake: more than 30 seconds

If the red light time is relatively long, more than 30 seconds, and the red light at some intersections in the urban area is sometimes up to 99 seconds, then it is generally best to hang N gear, that is, neutral gear, and then pull the handbrake, so that the feet can be released to rest a little, and it is good for fuel saving and environmental protection.

In short, everyone remember: wait for the red light, hang N gear, pull the handbrake, or D gear, and press the brake! Developing good car habits is also protecting yourself.

Do you know what gear to hang when the automatic is waiting for a red light?