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Rubber brake hose

Product description
Rubber brake hose
IDXOD Outer Layer Double Braid Inner Layer
1/8" (3.2mmX10.5mm) EPDM PET EPDM
3/16" (4.8mmX12.5mm)
Technical Specification
Test Items Test Condition Standard Test Results
ID Normal 3.2mm 3.15~3.45mm
OD Normal 10.5mm 10.30~10.70mm
Expansion 1000psi 0.33cc/ft max. 0.14~0.16cc/ft
1500psi 0.42cc/ft max. 0.20~0.22cc/ft
2900psi 0.61cc/ft max. 0.41~0.43cc/ft
Burst 4000psi×2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi No seepage >10,500psi
Whip 235~250psi >35h >70h
Tensile tensile speed:218±3mm/min >1446N 2400N
Cold Bend -45°C ~-48°C× 72h, 3-5s, bending180° No cracking No cracking
Ozone 100pphm×70h×40°C, 7X No cracking No cracking
Impulse 146°C 1±0.1min at 1600psi+70 >7000psi No crack >7500psi
Compatibility 120°C × 70h >7000psi No seepage >8800psi
Salt Spray 5%NaCl, 24h, water cleanout in 35°C No red rust No red rust
Water Aging Water in 85±2°C,after 70h~72h 4000psi × 2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi; >35h; >1446N >10250psi;>60h; >2200N
1. Layer reinforced: 2ply
2. compliant to SAE J1401 and DOT Standard FMVSS106
3.Size tolerance: +/- 0.2mm
4. Color: black/black with white line
5.Universal hose, Perfect for auto brake system
6. have a longitudinal white line on the opposite side of the labeling.
1. High quality hose handle extremes of temperature from -50°C to 135°C
2. Brake hose pressure tested to 3000 p.s.i. (207 Bar)
3.Superb resistance to brake oil. oxygen etc
4.100% brand new, 100% pressure test
5.Easy installation
6. Original equipment quality
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